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Whenever I hear people say that classical music is boring I just want to remind them that Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture called for a cannon to be fired a total of 16 times.


remove cattle from stage

that’s not even the best partimagekey terms include:

  • balance your chair on two legs”
  • "continue swimming motion"
  • "insert peanuts"
  • "play ball!"
  • "release the penguins"
  • "gradually become agitated"
  • "light explosives now….. and…..   ….. now."


Functional Furniture for Gamers

Geek Chick produces works of art in the form of gaming tables, Storage Units and seating designed specifically for gamers in mind.  Here are some kick-butt products available in in Walnut, Cherry or Maple

The Sultan Gaming Table - base price $12,950
The Sultan includes choice of wood (walnut, maple, or cherry), clear finish, 34 3/4” overall height, choice of configuration, 6-10 player stations, drawers, a special 3 7/8” game vault depth, white vault floor, acrylic layer, and a suction cup (to lift the acrylic layer). 

GM’s Valet Storage Unit - base price $1,050 to $2,350
The GM’s Valet includes choice of wood (walnut, cherry, or maple), choice of style, clear finish, choice of file size, drawers, the rail system, and wheels (so it can move).



#this is it this is american television

that all happened in under 2 minutes

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